Yêth an Weryn in Cambron: an 14ves mis Kevardhu 2019, ha’n secùnd De Sadorn pùb mis, 10.00 - 13.00, in Ostel Lowenac. Gwrewgh clappya hanter our, po try! Dewgh ajy, kewgh in kerdh, dell yw ’gas plesour. Mars owgh dalathor, dewgh hag assaya myns a wodhowgh. Lies gwary yw provies rag agas sensy bysy in Kernowek sempel. I’n metyans mis Kevardhu an dowlen yw: Areth (15 mynysen) gans Ian Jackson in Kernowek selvenek adro dh’y drailyans nowyth a lyver John Buchan The Thirty-Nine Steps. Spâss dhe gôwsel adro dhe’n lyver nowyth Colloquial Doesn’t Mean Corrupt gans Rod Lyon. An gwary qwyz Trufyl Agan Gwrith. Own vëth mars owgh why dalathor whath – ny a vydn formya parys kemyskys. Pòr wolcùm yw pùbonen a wor Kernowek. Coffy, tê £2.50. Parkya carr heb còst. Pùb scrif ûsys i’n metyans a vëdh i’n FFS. Y tal dhe bùb huny strîvya dhe gescôwsel in Kernowek mar pleg. Rag Kernowek avell tavas bew yw oll agan porpos! Now the same in English. Yeth an Werin in Camborne: 14 December 2019, and the second Saturday of every month, 10.00-13.00, at Lowenac Hotel. Chat for half an hour, or three! Come and go as you like. If you’re a beginner, come along and practise what you know. Lots of games provided to keep you busy in simple Cornish. In the December meeting we are planning: A presentation (15 minutes) by Ian Jackson in basic Cornish about his new translation of John Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps. A chance to discuss the new book Colloquial Doesn’t Mean Corrupt by Rod Lyon. The quiz game Trivial Pursuit. No worries if you are still a beginner – we’ll form mixed teams. All Cornish speakers very welcome. Coffee, tea £2.50. Free parking. All notices at the meeting, rules for games, quiz questions etc will be in the SWF. Everyone should really try to use their Cornish please. Because Cornish as a living language is what it’s about! Kyle Odgers / Ian Jackson Why a yll sevel orth recêva messajys ow tùchya Yêth an Weryn in Cambron ha remuvya agas trigva ebost. Scrifowgh dhe iacobianus@googlemail.com (Ian Jackson). You can decline to receive messages about Yeth an Werin in Camborne and remove your email address. Write to iacobianus@googlemail.com (Ian Jackson).

  • Date: 14-12-2019 10:00
  • Location The Lowenac Hotel, Camborne (Map)

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