Yeth an Weryn

Yêth an Weryn in Cambron: an 14ves mis Kevardhu 2019, ha’n secùnd De Sadorn pùb mis, 10.00 - 13.00, in Ostel Lowenac. Gwrewgh clappya hanter our, po try! Dewgh ajy, kewgh in kerdh, dell yw ’gas plesour. Mars owgh dalathor, dewgh hag assaya myns a wodhowgh. Lies gwary yw provies rag agas sensy bysy in Kernowek sempel. I’n metyans mis Kevardhu an dowlen yw: Areth (15 mynysen) gans Ian Jackson in Kernowek selvenek adro dh’y drailyans nowyth a lyver John Buchan The Thirty-Nine Steps. Spâss dhe gôwsel adro dhe’n lyver nowyth Colloquial Doesn’t Mean Corrupt gans Rod Lyon. An gwary qwyz Trufyl Agan Gwrith. Own vëth mars owgh why dalathor whath – ny a vydn formya parys kemyskys. Pòr wolcùm yw pùbonen a wor Kernowek. Coffy, tê £2.50. Parkya carr heb còst. Pùb scrif ûsys i’n metyans a vëdh i’n FFS. Y tal dhe bùb huny strîvya dhe gescôwsel in Kernowek mar pleg. Rag Kernowek avell tavas bew yw oll agan porpos! Now the same in English. Yeth an Werin in Camborne: 14 December 2019, and the second Saturday of every month, 10.00-13.00, at Lowenac Hotel. Chat for half an hour, or three! Come and go as you like. If you’re a beginner, come along and practise what you know. Lots of games provided to keep you busy in simple Cornish. In the December meeting we are planning: A presentation (15 minutes) by Ian Jackson in basic Cornish about his new translation of John Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps. A chance to discuss the new book Colloquial Doesn’t Mean Corrupt by Rod Lyon. The quiz game Trivial Pursuit. No worries if you are still a beginner – we’ll form mixed teams. All Cornish speakers very welcome. Coffee, tea £2.50. Free parking. All notices at the meeting, rules for games, quiz questions etc will be in the SWF. Everyone should really try to use their Cornish please. Because Cornish as a living language is what it’s about! Kyle Odgers / Ian Jackson Why a yll sevel orth recêva messajys ow tùchya Yêth an Weryn in Cambron ha remuvya agas trigva ebost. Scrifowgh dhe (Ian Jackson). You can decline to receive messages about Yeth an Werin in Camborne and remove your email address. Write to (Ian Jackson).

  • Date: 14-12-2019 10:00
  • Location: The Lowenac Hotel, Camborne (Map)

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