An 14ves mis Meurth 2020, ha’n second dy’Sadorn pub mis, 10.00 - 13.00, yn Ostel Lowenac. Gwrewgh clappya hanter our, po oll an tri. Dewgh a-ji, kewgh yn-kerdh, dell yw’gas plesour. Mes fara fur, mar pleg, y’n termyn tyckly ma a glevejyans. A garsewgh omjunya dhe bres li y’n ostel wosa YaW? Res yw ragerghy: Mars owgh dallether whi ’yll assaya myns a wodhowgh. Lies gwary yw provies rag agas synsy bysy yn Kernowek. Scrifewgh (ha ledna martesen) whedhel sempel a neppyth a wharva orthis a-gensow: whi a wra gwaynya pewas par-happ. Towlen metyans mis Meurth: On 14 March 2020, and the second Saturday of every month, 10.00 - 13.00, at Lowenac Hotel. Chat for half an hour, or all three. Come and go as you like. But please be prudent at this difficult time of infection. Would you like to join a Cornish lunch in the hotel after YaW? Must be booked in advance: If you’re a beginner you can try out what you know. Lots of games provided to keep you busy in Cornish. Write (and maybe read out) a simple story about something that happened to you recently: you could win a prize. Plan for the March meeting: 10:45 Mick Paynter, Former Grand Bard, poet of St Ives, will be our guest. All Cornish speakers very welcome. Coffee, tea £2.50. Free parking. All notices at the meeting will be in the SWF. Everyone should really try to use their Cornish. Because Cornish as a living language is what it’s about!

  • Date: 14-03-2020 10:00
  • Location Lowenack hotel (Map)

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