Yeth an Werin yn Cambron An 8ves mis Whevrel 2020, ha’n second dy’Sadorn pub mis, 10.00 - 13.00, yn Ostel Lowenac Gwrewgh clappya hanter our, po oll an tri. Dewgh a-ji, kewgh yn-kerdh, dell yw ’gas plesour. (Praktis ’vas dhe Dhedh Tregedna an Rosweyth, Eglos Hallow, an 22ves mis Whevrel.) Mars owgh dallether whi ’yll assaya myns a wodhowgh. Lies gwary yw provies rag agas synsy bysy yn Kernowek. Drewgh whedhel sempel a neppyth a wharva orthis a-gensow ha gwaynya pewas martesen. Yn metyans mis Whevrel an dowlen yw: 10:45 Chi Whel Leveryans (da y jer): Drewgh agas skians a Gernowek, a-varr po diwedhes. Ha’gas Sowsnek a Gernow. Fatl’yw agas cows? A-dar ’gas spellyans! Gwrewgh qwestyonow, profya ha prevy ’gas tybyans agas honan. 11:30 Bingo yn Kernowek (niverednow degedhek), ha pewasow ganso, ha’gan gwariow bord ha gwariow carten ynwedh. Pur wolcom yw pubonan a wor Kernowek. Coffy, te £2.50. Parkya carr heb cost. Pub scrif usyes y’n metyans a vedh y’n FSS. Y tal dhe bub huny strivya dhe gescowsel yn Kernowek. Rag Kernowek avel tavas bew yw oll agan porpos! In English. Yeth an Werin in Camborne On 8 February 2020, and the second Saturday of every month, 10.00 - 13.00, at Lowenac Hotel. Chat for half an hour, or all three. Come and go as you like. (Useful practice for the Rosweyth’s Tregedna Day, Illogan, 22 February.) If you’re a beginner you can try out what you know. Lots of games provided to keep you busy in Cornish. Bring a simple story about something that happened to you recently and maybe win a prize. In the February meeting we are planning: 10:45 Pronunciation Workshop (good humoured): Bring your knowledge of Cornish, early or late. And of Cornish dialect of English. How do you speak? Not how do you spell! Ask questions, put your own ideas forward, and to the test. 11:30 Bingo in Cornish (decimal numerals), with prizes, and our board and card games as well. All Cornish speakers very welcome. Coffee, tea £2.50. Free parking. All notices at the meeting will be in the SWF. Everyone should really try to use their Cornish. Because Cornish as a living language is

  • Date: 08-02-2020 10:01 - 08-02-2020 14:00
  • Location Lowenack Hotel 34 Basset Rd, Camborne TR14 8SL, UK (Map)

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