Nowyth i’n mis-ma / New this month

Nowyth i’n mis-ma / New this month:


Class Kernowek Lulyn - nowyth in mis Gwydngala / Newlyn Cornish Class new in September; to find out more /class-kernowek-lulyn /   Kernowek Lulyn FB Advert.pdf

Kernowek Lulyn - class handouts uploaded see under "KL Class Handouts"

CLASS WÀR LÎNEN - Meetings will be Monday weekly, by Zoom. You can get the joining details by contacting Ian Jackson Or check it out below;

For Zoom Class Worksheets and Diaries for 2021 see under "CLASS WÀR LÎNEN" / "Zoom Worksheets & Diaries" on this site

Link to "Cornish Family Tree" in Skeul An Tavas;

Gweles; Lyver termyn nowyth in mis Gwydngala / a new magazine in September / see under Lyvrow Kernowek

Kevren gwiasva noweth Gweles / New Gweles website link;

St Just Ordinalia 2021 - 4th to 18th September 2021- to find out more folllow link below;

Chaptrys 1 dhe 20 a "An Prysner in Castel Zenda" gans gerva nowyth/ Chapters 1 to 20 of "The Prisoner of Castle Zenda" with new vocabulary.

Kevrennow dhe'n Kednennow Kernowek - links to films in Cornish 

Cotha taclow:

Chaptrys 4, 5 ha 6 a "Amȇthva An Bestas gans gerva nowyth / Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Animal Farm with new vocabulary

Kevren dhe "An Hobys" chaptra onen war You Tube / Link to "The Hobbit" chapter one on YouTube - 

Link to Corona virus vocabulary / Kevren dhe " Gerva an Cùrunvîrùs "

Kernowek Qwyck (pdf): an cors tâstya-ma re beu istynys bys in 15 lesson / Kernowek Qwyck (pdf): this taster course has now been extended to 15 lessons

Kevren dhe Qwyz lies-dȇwys / Link to multi-choice Quiz

Kevren dhe Skeul An Tavas crowseryow / Link to Skeul An Tavas crosswords

Audio; Kevren dhe "Audio" in gwiasva "Skeul an Tavas" / Link to "Audio" in "Skeul an Tavas" website; to hear some spoken Cornish

Kevren dhe "An Nawnjek Stap warn ugans"/ Link to "The Thirty-nine Steps"

Kevren dhe / Link to "An Canker neb a wrug Gwary gans an Mor"

Skeul an Tavas Web Site link :

Kevren dhe / Link to "skeul an tavas" spell checker added in "Useful Links"

Scrif Gwredhek

We would like to encourage original writing in Cornish by uploading suitable work to this website. Email Submissions should be written in Standard Cornish (KS), in any register of poetry or prose. We ask readers to bear in mind there may be different opinions about the best vocabulary and grammar in Revived Cornish. This website is not a place for discussion of literary work. That should be conducted directly with the author, or in an appropriate on-line forum. 

Whensys on ny dhe genertha lien nowyth in Kernowek, owth ugh-garga gweyth gwyw dhe’n wiasva-ma. Gwrewgh ebostya ober screfys in Kernowek Standard (KS), bardhonieth pò yêth plain, pynag a vo hy rejyster, dhe Res yw dhe genyver redyor remembra dell yll breusyow bos dyvers tùchyng an gwelha gerva ha gramer in Kernowek Dasvewys. An wiasva-ma nyns yw plâss may hyller dadhla wàr weyth lienak. Hòn yw dhe wil orth an auctour yn tydro, pò in neb forùm ewn wàr lînen.

If contributing, please confirm your authority to publish your work and name as contributor online