This site is designed to assist people in the first few years of learning the Cornish Language (Kernowek) and is based on Kernowek Standard with spellings designed to aid pronunciation.  It is not promoted to be the definitive of the language  but is only intended to help early learners in KS and hopefully provide some links to learn more about the history of Cornwall and its people.

The site is intended to assist those learning under the structure of the Language Ladder at a "Breakthrough Level" based currently on the three stages included in Skeul an Tavas.

As with other languages there is always room for differences in interpretation and use, therefore there is likely to be elements within the site that some will question or disagree with but it should be remembered the site is here only to assist, and encourage people to learn the Cornish Language, and should not be used as the only point of referral or knowledge.

Oll an gwella

About:   Kernowek Standard
Kernowek Standard has been revised throughout on the basis of the "Standard Written Form (with reference also to Revived Middle Cornish & Revived Late Cornish dialects)" and is close to its orthography except for small changes in spelling. KS also uses diacritical marks to aid pronunciation. Agan Tavas has worked with Evertype to produce "Skeul an Tavas"  in Kernowek Standard and Standard Written Form for those who wish to use it in Cornish classes.

Skeul an Tavas now has it's own web site which can be found here ​www.skeulantavas.com​​​ Well worth a visit for more information and help

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